Whilst we welcome customer feedback “reviews” like this are of no use to anyone other than the author and are potentially damaging to businesses

What a shame that the owner is such a discourteous, ignorant fool! I asked if I could get a dab of glue to fix something hanging off my shoe and he starts quoting chapter and verse about his expenses. Says that he’ll do it for £10. I thought was joking but he made it quite clear that he wasn’t. I will never give them my business! 

Our Reply  ;                                                

   I’m sorry sir you have the wrong shop

T0 which the gentleman replied;             

To the owner of the shop: thank you for your response. I can assure that I don’t have the wrong shop and am standing right next to you now as I type this! Disgusting attitude!!!

Our Response is below



Sir ! You have the wrong shop and the wrong business owner !!! The events as depicted in your “review” definitely did NOT occur in our shop.

  1. “I asked if I could get a dab of glue”

Here the “gentleman ” is clearly trying to mask the fact that he had in fact asked us to do some work on his shoes. Whilst it would be impolite to accuse him of lying , he is certainly being economical with the truth. 

lndeed if a customer were to ask for “a dab of glue” it would be a memorable event!

How would I furnish such a customer with “a dab of glue” ?

Would I place the dab in said customers hand or would I lean over the counter and dab it on the part “ hanging” from the shoe?

I don’t think either of these would yield satisfactory results for the customer or our professional reputation 

    2 ” I asked if I could get……. he starts quoting chapter and verse about his expenses “

You seem to imply that upon requesting our assistance with your problem I ( the discourteous ,ignorant fool ) immediately replied with something akin to

“ cor blimey guv’nor it aint half expensive this shop so it is”

.  An unlikely turn of events as I think we can all agree.

Another distortion !

This “review ” is not about bad service sir, rather it’s about your unwillingness to pay for the service! 

All will be explained in a moment. 

Indeed I do now have some recollection of your visit to our business but we’ll come back to that in a while.

3; Our minimum charge! I may be ignorant and I may be a fool but it is my business and I have set our minimum charge at a rate which I believe reflects our standard of service.

In most cases when a customer approaches us with a problem on one shoe , a very similar problem is found manifest on the counterpart of the pair .

So we now  have a team of highly skilled , competent , experienced crafts people working on a pair of shoes.

We do not dab glue , we carefully apply cement. We use renia which is the best and therefore the most expensive cement available to our industry. 

Renia is heat activated and on porous surfaces may require additional applications to ensure an effective bond so we need to factor in both the cost of the cement and the electricity used to warm said cement to achieve satisfactory results.

Whilst we have both shoes in our shop they will be cleaned and polished and a leather balm applied before being returned to the customer and our minimum charge takes in to account all these contributory factors

Unfortunately not everyone can afford  this level of service or can appreciate that high standards command high prices.

However it is rare that in a fit of pique a customer unable or unwilling to pay for our services will launch such a scathing and personal attack, not to mention that your “review ” is a litany of half truths and misrepresentations designed specifically to mislead the reader. 

But I shall return to that a little later.

  4;  “Timpson Did it for me”. Pray tell how did they “do” a dab of glue. The more I read this “review” the less it relates to the events my team and I recall but more of that in a moment.

  5  How on earth will doing “dabs of glue” in return for “charitable donations” increase our turnover?


 I can only recall one recent incident that loosely relates to your version of events as portrayed in your “review”. 

If my memory serves me ( and please forgive me if I am wrong ) you are a gentleman of middle age , five feet something in height ,  well nourished , carrying a clutch type briefcase and very well dressed apart from your shoes which as you say were falling apart.

 You approached our shop and asked if we could help with sticking your shoe back together.

 I said

“Of course sir please take your shoe off so I can see the problem”

I remember that you began to take your shoe off but upon being told that our minimum charge is ten pounds you immediately became upset and quite discourteous. I’m paraphrasing somewhat here but I think the gist of your response was

“what ten pounds. For a dab of glue , you must be joking !!!! “

Clearly not wanting to be taken as discourteous myself and in order to enlighten what appeared to be a state of ignorance on your part I did try to explain as mentioned here earlier that our overheads clearly extend beyond the cost of the glue itself. I recall that you were addressed as sir at all times and struggle to see why you would consider any of this to constitute rudeness.

In fact your problem appears to be that you considered our minimum charge to be an effrontery

Since “smiles manners and respect” are a desirable outcome for all concerned and if you were unwilling or unable to pay our minimum charge even having taken this information on board  , I would expect any reasonable person to say thanks but no thanks and go on their way, not to remain at my counter arguing their case for a discounted service. You might not leave with a smile but I am taken aback by the biliousness our meeting seems to have occasioned in you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our minimum charge is a mathematical concept and is quite obviously not designed to cause offence ( what would be the point ? ) but since as pointed out here earlier I addressed you as sir throughout our brief interaction I can only conclude that you found the words TEN and POUNDS when spoken together to be extremely offensive and I hope you will accept my most sincere and heartfelt apologies for any offence caused.

* GOOGLE REVIEWS * These reviews are intended to be a guide for prospective customers of a business and best practice as listed by google they should be “honest representations “ of the customer experience. The events as portrayed in your “review’ are clearly not an honest representation of the facts, even if we ignore that they are written in the tone of a petulant child  mid tantrum , neither are they “ helpful and trustworthy” (google guidelines again)

I am sorry you found me to be discourteous and can only offer a somewhat perplexed apology

I do indeed consider myself to be ignorant ( wasn’t it Socrates who said “It is a wise man who realizes how little he knows” )

BUT I am  no ones fool sir. If I had really done something to cause you offence I believe you would have confronted me man to man the next time you were in the area rather than sidling up beside me to type another vitriolic comment. *****Disgusting attitude indeed****